Welcome to our FUT 14 Xbox 360/One Generator,

 This is the first reliable FUT 14 Coin generator which also works on the Ultimate Team WEB APP. It is currently the only generator that works and is none profitable. There is no possibility of losing your players and coins as no people can see your details and we always save backups of your FUT accounts. How it works:

- Once your details are filled in they are put in Que to get processed in are generator which adds your requested amount of coins. There are 5 choices of coin amount which triggers a glitch in the FUT system which allows us to add them to your account.

- The generator is software created by us which cant allow anyone to see the details being processed. ( No chance of being  hacked )

- Wait 30 minutes and the coins will be on your FUT account either on the WEB APP or Console.

Xbox FUT Coin Generator


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